Composite stack support

Neuromantic V1.6.0 will be released tomorrow - the main update here will be the support of composite stacks made of multiple image stacks. These composite stacks may be saved and loaded via project files (*.nproj).

For the first release, there will be several limitations:

* All stacks will be loaded at once and remain so, so no memory saving is made. This constraint will be quickly relaxed in future releases so that you can free/reload stacks as desired.

* Rotated composite stacks (if you've rotated in X/Y or Z) cannot be saved with a project file. This can be circumvented initially by saving the composite stack prior to rotation, and making sure that the stacks are rotated back to the original position before saving the reconstruction. This constraint will also be relaxed in future, although it will take longer as it relies on me finishing the improved stack viewing algorithms.

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