Neuromantic V1.5.5 now released (and general update)

The new release is a little later than I originally intended (as always), but V1.5.5
fixes quite a few bugs and implements quite a bit more functionality.

* Fixed minor bugs associated with statistics calculations from tree -
the area and volume calculations were badly rounded due to storage as
an integer rather than a float (bad Nathan!)
* Implemented statistical testing properly - in V1.5.4 this didn't
really work at all. I blame the testing department. Wait a minute, I don't have one.
* Speeded up stack rotation and other bitmap operations significantly
through avoiding use of standard Windows TBitmaps.
* Fixed bug associated with stack rotation on certain sized stacks
* 3D stack visualisation now supports standard colourisations such as
JET and HSV, and has generally still been jazzed up. I still need to
cause the stack to be subsampled when it's too large, though, as this
can still bring the applications to its knees, so be careful.
* Implemented ability to drag multiple selected segments in both 2D
and 3D windows, as requested originally by Duncan and more recently by
Kerry. I'll try and implement similar functionality for radius
editing soon.

On a similar note, I'll try and make time to create some video tutorials with CamStudio, which is a very handy utility that allows you to make videos of your desktop and record audio over it. In this way it should be ten times easier to demonstrate the usage of Neuromantic than attempt to describe its use in the manual.

If you find any bugs, please report them to the Neuromantic User Group (which is linked to in the application from the About menu) and I shall attempt to squash them for the next release.

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