OK, I've found a fatal bug in Neuromantic - these don't come up very often, and it's only been in existence for the last couple of releases.

When working with a reconstruction that is planar (i.e. all segments have the same Z coordinate), changing the mode to "Colour By Depth" will, up to V1.5.3 (since whenever I added it, which is only V1.5.1 or later), cause a div by zero error in the 2D rendering algorithms and completely crash out the application. Yes, I hang my head in shame for not forseeing a potential div by zero error - you'll find me in the naughty corner.

I shall be posting a newer release that fixes this tomorrow, as I really can't allow such bugs in the program. As well as this important bugfix, it will also have significantly improved sectioning of volumetric data.

I've also been further working towards supporting multiple stacks simultaneously, and have now gotten the semi-auto tracing functioning with this. Therefore, in future releases (not until after Christmas, though) you'll be able to load and register multiple image stacks, then semi-automatically trace a branch between the stacks due to the cunning hierarchical patchwork strategy.

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