Neuromantic V1.5.2

Right, Neuromantic V1.5.2 is out, but only really fixes a couple of minor bugs related to 3D visualisation and stack rotation. The slice bar at the bottom right of the 3D window will allow you to define which section of the stack you see (in a simple way for the moment). If you can, I thoroughly recommend loading some MRA data or similar and trying that with some 3D glasses - it's pretty amazing.

The other minor thing it adds is a list of web links in the About menu, which mean that users can directly get to the Neuromantic user group and main page without having to remember the URLs.

The next version (out soon), will actually add some proper functionality - I'm currently finishing off the ability to drag the reconstruction segments around in the 3D window. This will have two major advantages:

1) You'll be able to more easily correct Z errors in this view from semi-automatic tracing.
2) When working with overlaid 3D data, you can drag the compartments in this view to achieve higher accuracy than may be possible with the 2D view.

At some point in the future it would be nice to be able to trace in this mode also (like Imaris FilamentTracer), but that's probably going to take quite a while. To some extent it probably depends on how bored I get over Christmas ;)

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