Back From Canada...

Yes, I am now officially back from Canada and the lovely CNS 2007 conference.

The workshop on neuronal reconstruction with Neuromantic went well, and I had more attendees than I initially expected. Although plenty of people there employed reconstruction methods (mainly the manual mode of NeuroLucida, from the discussions I had), the emphasis of the conference was very strongly on modelling rather than reconstruction.

Thanks to everyone I talked to, and I'll post a picture of the happy smiling faces from the workshop when I get chance :)

I'm trying to put together a mailing list at the moment of people who are interested in updates to Neuromantic, so please leave a comment to this post if you wish to be added (or email me). The mailing list will be mainly just to inform people of new releases of Neuromantic, thus saving the effort of having to keep checking the page. The blog comments are always moderated, so I won't display them and leave your email addresses open to being trawled by the innumerable bots on the net.

After discussion, the main functionality that people wanted to see in Neuromantic would be the ability to load in multiple stacks simultaneously and register them, thus allowing them to be loaded in separately throughout reconstruction in order to avoid the requirement for silly amounts of RAM. I shall get onto this asap, as it sounds like a useful ability to add (albeit quite a bit of work!)

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