Information on the next update

Right, I've now successfully implemented the ability to drag segments around in the 3D view - this should come in very handy for correcting Z errors and editing segment positions based on overlaid image data.

The other main thing I've been doing is trying to get 3D textures to work in OpenGL and find out whether they'd be a better choice for the rendering. So far, I'm really not too impressed - it just doesn't look as good as the normal textured version, and there's also much stricter limits on size (max side of 512 pixels, rather than 4096 for normal textures). Also, OpenGL demands only power of 2 sizes in both X,Y and Z for the 3D texture, leading to yet more memory wastage.

I'm still working on it, though, but at the moment I'm thinking of staying with the current set up (albeit with a bit of neatening up and added cunningness)

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