Interface updates

While trying to tidy up the automatic tracing, primarily by making it simpler and more intuitive to select the correct threshold/Gaussian smoothing, I've also done a bit of an overhaul of the mode system as it had been bugging me for some time.

Originally it made more sense to me to have clearly defined modes, as I didn't see how I could add all the required functionality in an intuitive way without this mechanism. However, after putting most of the functionality of Tree Edit mode into the AutoTrace mode for V1.4.0, it seemed to work quite well.

The first mode (stack manipulation) has become completely redundant as all its functionality was duplicated in every other mode, so it was just an unnecessary distraction. It is now bitten the dust.

The second main change is the merging of the Manual mode and Tree Edit mode - now you can select/edit the position/radius of segments as you add them, without having to change modes.

This leaves two main modes - manual and automatic, which just lets you switch between how you want to add segments to the reconstruction.

A reminder of functionality:
* Edit segment X/Y position - click and drag with left mouse button
* Edit segment radius - hold down CTRL, then click and drag with middle mouse button (I may simplify this in future)
* Edit segment Z position - select segment with left click, move visible slice to correct position and select (Edit->Set Z To Current Slice), or CTRL+C.

To suppress the editing functionality (selecting segments when you left click on them), hold down CTRL+ALT (this is the case for both Manual and Auto modes). This is necessary if you need to add a line that starts where another segment is.

This will all be released shortly as Neuromantic V1.4.1.

NOTE: I've become aware of a bug that can take down the entire application - it's an uncommon error relating to deleting multiple segments. I therefore suggest saving before doing this until I release 1.4.1., where I've surrounded the whole area with exception handling and, hopefully, squashed the underlying bug too.

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