Neuromantic V1.7.5 is available

As promised, here is a download link for the newest version of
Neuromantic (V1.7.5) produced for DIADEM. It's a bit.ly shortened
link that lets me keep track of the number of downloads and vaguely
where they're coming from, but it points directly to my DropBox


The contents of the zip should work in a self-contained fashion, and
should not require any files from any previous downloads.

Now, I'm pretty sure that I've included all the dependent DLLs in the
zip file, but I don't have a clean platform to test on so I can't be
sure. Let me know if it fails on start-up and I'll host the missing
files asap.

The main changes to the application are:
* Dynamic memory management. You should hopefully not get annoying
access violations when you load in a stack that's too big, as
Neuromantic will automatically load/unload images dynamically to keep
the memory footprint acceptable. There will probably still be memory
issues if you attempt to visualise large stacks in 3D, though, which
is something I may address in future now that I have a working build.
* Multi-stack GUI - this lets you use large-tiled projects and show/
hide different tiles as tiled, as well as manually entering offsets.
The "Load/Save Tiled Project" menu options will save all the stack
positional data to an .nproj file (the reconstruction itself will
still need to be save separately to SWC). If you lose the multi-stack
GUI, open it again through Window->Show Multistack GUI
* Custom labelling schemes - you can now change the colours associated
with each segment type, so no more endless yellow after segment type
6. See also Load/Save labelling scheme on the main menu.
* A few 3D GUI fixes - the aspect ratio now remains correct when
resizing the window, which had been bugging me for ages, and the lines
are properly anti-aliased.

For other minor changes see the _README.txt file.

Feel free to pass on the download link to anyone who might be
interested (once you're sure it's not missing any files!).

In general, I shall be posting links to new version on the NeuromanticUsersGroup, so please join that if you're interested.

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