Semi-automatic tracing beta almost complete

Right, a fully working version of the semi-automatic tracing with radius estimation is basically complete - I'm just in the process of doing a little debugging with the GUI and increasing the user-friendliness before I post it.

This (very significant) update will vastly increase the speed of reconstructions by avoiding the need to define each segment separately. In essence, all you do is roughly drag the mouse along each dendrite, and the actual tracing and radius estimation is done automatically.

Some quick screenshots of a subtree I quickly (less than a minute) segmented:

The blue squares show the areas of the stack that have been image processed, and the coloured line the current route: the patches are generated in real-time during tracing to avoid slow pre-processing and massive storage requirements.

The subtree rendered in 3D:

The subtree viewed with the Z/Y plane - the discretisation of the Z coordinates is apparent, but the Z values don't jump significantly and match well with hand-segmented reconstructions.

Coming soon!

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