Expansion of functionality in the 3D Window

The 3D Window, accessed by pressing "3D View" on the main GUI, was simply intended to be a way of viewing the reconstruction, rather than interacting with it. However, since V1.3.0, segments can now be selected with the left mouse button and edited in the same way as in the normal 2D slice window (through combinations of CTRL, SHIFT and ALT). Further functionality will be implemented soon, such as the ability to drag points around and edit directly in 3D, as is possible with cvapp.

With this in mind, I thought I would give a quick overview of the controls that allow the selection of desired subtrees.

Holding SHIFT whilst clicking on a segment adds that segment to the current selection. The same applies when holding SHIFT and CTRL.

CTRL is the branch selection option, where holding CTRL and clicking will select all ancestor and descendent segments of the selected one. However, the selection is constrained by any currently selected segments if SHIFT is held too. This means that by selecting the segments around a given subtree the exact desired tree may be efficiently isolated.


The original zoomed in view of the subtree, achieved by middle clicking on one of the segments and zooming in with the mouse wheel.

Hold down SHIFT and click the desired segments on the periphery of the subtree

Hold down SHIFT and CTRL and click on the segment before the bifurcation to select all the tree. Clicking after the bifurcation would select only one branch.

Press CTRL+I to invert the selection

Press Delete, leaving only the subtree

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